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Update Volume 2019/6 New EU Regulation on ship recycling into force

Veröffentlicht am 25 Januar 2019

A new European Union (EU) Regulation 1257/2013 on ship recycling has come into force as of 31 December 2018. The Regulation amends the existing EU legislation on waste shipment (Waste Shipment Regulation No. 1013/2006) and will require that all EU-flagged vessels over 500 GT must be scrapped only in approved ship-recycling facilities, which are currently limited to European facilities only. Such vessels will have to comply with the Regulation regardless of whether or not they are departing from EU or non-EU waters towards the scrapyard. They will, however, no longer have to comply with the Waste Shipment Regulation, which generally applies to all import, export and transit of wastes to, from or through the EU (note that a vessel to be scrapped is considered a hazardous waste). The Waste Shipment Regulation will, however, remain applicable for non-EU flagged vessels that depart from EU waters to a place where the vessel would be dismantled.

While the most important requirement under the Regulation is to use only EU-approved facilities, other general requirements include developing a ship recycling plan; providing an inventory of hazardous materials to the recycling facility; minimizing the volume of cargo residue, fuel and waste remaining on board; ensuring that all tanks and spaces are safe for hot work; holding a ‘ready for recycling certificate’.

In conclusion, members should keep in mind that re-flagging a vessel for purposes of recycling is not allowed.

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